Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Bottle Feeding!

Kian took his first bottle (really ate from it) since he was having breastmilk and/or formula the first few weeks of his life!  I pumped this morning (only 2 oz.) because we were going on a walk and Kian has refused to nurse after my walks due to probably the lactic acid in my milk.  I guess it makes it taste bad.  Anyway, I thought I would try the bottle today with him.  Sometimes I would pump and ask Jamie to give him his bottle, but he would not drink from it.  He would just chew on the nipple and then start to cry.  I was starting to worry that he wouldn't take a bottle again and Jamie and I would never be able to leave him with a sitter more than an hour and half, but he took this one today!  When we got home he was actually content for once so I left him in his car seat and warmed up the bottle.  I fed it to him in the car seat - he even seemed he wanted more!  So, I guess I will start pumping more  :)  I am just so excited that he took the bottle  :)

Our Walk
Today Gina and I went for a walk.  Kian was pretty fussy and so was her daughter Danielle.  Danielle ended up in her front carrier and before long I was getting Kian's out too.  They both were content for the most part after that!  The funny thing is that both of us were pushing strollers and carrying our babies!  I am sure we were quite a seen to the runners, walkers and joggers going past us on the trail  hehe  Being a Mom as made me realize that I am willing to do anything that will work to keep Kian happy - even if it means looking pretty silly to others  :)

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