Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Christmas, Colds, Size of Clothes, and lots of Worry


Christmas was wonderful :) My parents flew in on the 23rd and we spent Christmas at my Uncle Dave and Aunt Lori’s place. It was a full house to say the least! On Christmas Eve my cousin Allison, her husband Scott and her daughter Camlyn came to celebrate. My Grandma and Grandpa Zuelzke were there too. We also brought Toby with us. We had to add on to the table this year for dinner!

Then we opened gifts on Christmas morning and it took about 3 hours! We open gifts one at a time so we can all see what everyone got. Kian had so many gifts that he had to open two every turn and he still was last to open gifts! hehe He sure enjoyed all of his new toys :)


Kian is starting to wear his 6-9 month clothing finally! He’s kind of in that in-between stage right now where the 3-6 month stuff is too small and the 6-9 month stuff is just a big big – especially length wise. He is mainly wearing one piece outfits and pajamas right now in the larger size but I hope to see him in the other stuff real soon.


We all had colds this Christmas. Jamie got it first and then me and Kian got it. We are all still getting over them. Kian has taken the worst hit of all. He has been refusing a bottle altogether and it’s been a huge task for me to keep him hydrated – his diapers are still pretty dry. I called Dr. Bravo’s office today and asked about his cough and if there was reason to be concerned as he seemed to be wheezing between coughs. The nurse told me to feel on his chest when he wasn’t making noise or coughing and I did so she said he needed an appointment to make sure he didn’t have bronchitis or an infection in his lungs.

Dr. Bravo weighed Kian and he has lost almost and entire pound from the last time he was in. He also has an ear infection in his right ear. Dr. Bravo told me he was concerned about how many set backs he has had with his weight and that next week if he hasn’t gained well then he is going to run some tests to see if something might be wrong with Kian. Dr. Bravo said that if it were his son he would want tests run. I think that I might even just have him run the tests anyway for my peace of mind. If something is wrong with him I want to start treatment right away and if there isn’t then I know that he’s just a stubborn little guy. I sure hope he’s stubborn! We would appreciate your prayers for him!

Kian is such a happy guy that I never knew his ear was bothering him. I just knew he was a bit cranky and it might be from teething along with the cold. I never thought I would walk out of the Dr.’s office with script for an ear infection. I am so glad that I brought him though. We will go back to see Dr. Bravo next Wednesday for a follow-up and weight check which might result in some blood work – I am hoping to get blood work anyway and I thinking that Dr. Bravo will feel the same way.

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