Monday, January 10, 2005

Little Update on Kian

Sleep...What's that?

Well, Kian is starting to sleep a bit better now that I think his antibiotics have started to help his ear infection. Jamie and I are really working on getting Kian to sleep better and we realized that he really won't sleep without me. Tonight we started having Jamie go in there with him most of the time when he cries and with each time he is crying for less time and falling asleep. Right now the two of them are asleep together :) How sweet :) Soon we will once again begin the transition from our bed and set up a plan for what we are going to do with Kian during night time stuff. For now this is the only change as we want him to get well and get lots of rest.

Getting that Weight Back Up

I am getting a bit anxious about going to see Dr. Bravo on Wednesday. I am hoping that Kian's weight it back up but I am still going to push for testing just to make sure that everything is ok with him. I have started giving Kian solids three times a day and he is starting to take a little bit of prune juice and water from a bottle - he loves that combo. And when I say a little bit I mean 1/2 ounce tops. I think it will be really funny when he's 15 years old and eating everything in the house for us to tell him how bad he was at keeping his weight on lol

Sad News - Our Friends are Moving :(

Our friends Steve and Lisa are moving next month to Seattle. Jamie works with Steve and they quickly became good friends. We have hung out with them a lot and they were even Kian's first visitors ever in the hospital. They also attended Kian's dedication and we plan to have Kian call them Uncle Steve and Aunt Lisa. We sure will miss them more than we can express. We are excited though that they are engaged! Steve proposed over the Christmas break :) They have a date set for October 2006 - so we all will be making a trip up there for the wedding :) Jamie will be a groomsman :) We are sad to see them go but we are also very excited about the opportunity that Steve has. We wish many blessings upon them! We love you guys!

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