Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Kian has gained well!

Well, Kian is doing good :) His ear infection has cleared up and he gained 7 ounces in the last week! Dr. Bravo was VERY pleased to say the least! He asked me what exactly I was feeding him and I was able to tell him about Kian’s troubles breastfeeding – he won’t stay on very long during the day because he wants to be active and babble. He told me to do EXACTLY what I was doing this week and hopefully he will gain another 6 ounces at least. He said that we might even start him on whole milk earlier than a year just to help him bulk up – he said that Kian definitely not a typical kid. If not we might do some tests. Dr. Bravo was very happy to know that Kian can gain weight though. I guess since we saw him last week he talked to the doctor we had in the hospital to see what tests she ran to see if something might have been missed. It makes me feel good that we are in his care – he seems to be very concerned and wants to get to the bottom of this if there is a bottom. Right now I would like to ask everyone to continue prayers for Kian and keep him in their thoughts….that if there is something wrong that it would make itself known and if not that he would just gain well.

Funny thing is that Dr. Bravo looked in his ears and in his mouth (his teeth are about to poke through) and Kian just let him do whatever lol It’s so funny how easy going Kian is (for the most part). Which is such a drastic change from how he used to be!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and thoughts. Keep them coming!

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