Friday, January 28, 2005

Weight, A Tooth, Starting to Crawl, Stranger’s Wrath, and One Year at OW!

Stranger’s Wrath

This has been a pretty eventful week for us. The game that Jamie has been working on with Oddworld released on Tuesday (Best Buy said it would be in stores on Thursday) and to GREAT reviews! We are all very excited about the game and looking forward to seeing more and more about its success now that it’s released. Oddworld’s President, Loren Lanning has been on several shows on (which used to be Tech TV) talking about the game. One show was devoted to it that premiered last night called Cheats – so if you want to check it out I am sure they will play the show with Stranger’s Wrath again.

Happy Anniversary to Jameson!

Today is Jameson’s first anniversary of working at Oddworld! Congrats honey! I am so proud of all your hard work and efforts that you have contributed to the company! Oddworld even sent a company wide email to congratulate him – how nice :)

Kian has His First Tooth!

It finally popped out yesterday! He never had any drooling or real fussiness during the whole thing – he’s a trooper! You really won’t know he was teething unless you looked in his mouth or saw him gnawing on his finger. I will take a picture of it when I can – it sure it sharp!

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