Monday, January 10, 2005

From Daddy's Blog :)

I was looking at Jamie's blog today and noticed a funny story I wanted to post here too. Here it is: Jamie tells it better than I do because he was there!

"It's Christmas Eve, and I'm at the grocery store with Sarah's Uncle Dave, and her Step Father Randy...

I'm standing behind them both in the check out lane, when a guy behind me tries to get Randy's attention to ask where he got his Brett Favre jersey that he's wearing.

I told the guy that he arrived from Wisconsin the day before, and it came with him.

The guy says he's been looking everywhere for one and cant' find one for less that $50. His Son wants one REALLY bad, and he's been unable to get one yet. (this is Christmas Eve)

He offers Randy $20 for the which he kind of smirks and say's it would cost more to replace it.

So after we are finished checking out, the guy says how about $40! Randy is tempted...but decides that he'd better not.

So we get just outside the doors, and the guy comes running up and offers $50 for it! Randy agrees, and the guy says he needs to go to the ATM. He leaves his groceries sitting on the ground near us...and takes off running.

After we've been standing there for a while, the guy comes flying back through the doors...and says he was afraid we'd left! There was a line at the atm.

Up until this point, i just thought it was a nice thing for Randy to do... but once we saw how uncontrollably happy this guy was about getting this jersey, it was awesome. He was pumping his fist in the air, and acting like a 10 year old. His son should have a good Christmas, and we have a story to tell :)"

When Randy came back to the house without it on it took a while for my Mom to realize that he didn't have his jearsey. She then told Randy she bought it on a clearance rack at Shopko (only found in WI) for like $15! hehe Oh well, at least this kid had a good Christmas :)

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