Friday, March 18, 2005

Great news on Kian's weight!

I took Kian to see Dr. Bravo on Wednesday. We had an appointment to get him checked out to see if it was ok to go ahead and to blood tests. I wasn't sure he would want to do them since Kian is just getting over bronchitis - he doesn't have any symptoms anymore but Sunday was the last time we heard him wheezing. Also, when I took Kian in last Tuesday he was down to 15lbs 13ounces when he was 16lbs. 4 ounces the week before.

Well, this week I bring Kian in and his favorite nurse, Stacy, weighs him and he's 17lbs!!!!! Yep, that's right! He gained a pound and 3 ounces in a week! I was hoping that he would have gained at least 6 ounces but this is leaps and bounds above what I thought was a lofty goal for his weight this week! Stacy always balances the scale before she weighs him so I knew it was right but I looked at it several times! When the Dr. came him he checked the numbers twice and even checked the balance of the scale too! He was amazed! :) He actually asked me what I was doing Kian hehe I told him that Kian was very gaggy and vomited several times when I would feed him while he was sick so I would feed him a little bit at a time and more often throughout the day. Kian also only wanted yogurt for about two days in a row so I am sure that helped! lol (Thanks Yo-baby!)

The Dr. told me that he was going to go forward with the tests but he was 99% sure that Kian is fine! :) From what I know they tested for cystic fiborsis and growth hormone deficiency. There was one more test on there but I didn't know what it was for. The lab told me that the results for everything would be in in about 3-5 days (the CF test takes longer).

The Dr. also told me that I didn't need to come in for weekly weight checks anymore! I can come in whenever I want though to do it...he said that all the girls in the office know about Kian and they will help me check his weight. That was exciting! I think that I might go every other week for a while though just to give myself peace of mind.

Kian is feeling better and seems to be healthy....I am so proud of my little man! Now if we can get those two front teeth to come through so he would stop being a crab that would be AWESOME! lol

Kian's food aversion

Dr. Bravo told me that it actually has a name (I can't remember what it is though). Kian doesn't like any whole type foods in his mouth...he gags, vomits or spits it out of his mouth. It was REALLY bad when he was sick. He wouldn't even take Stage 2 baby food that is pureed. I asked Dr. Bravo what I should do about it and he told me that I didn't need to do anything that Kian will grow out of it. He also said that babies that have had a feeding tube often have this problem with eating (nice huh?). He told me to just stick with the Stage 2 foods as they have enough calories for that is what we will do for now. I plan to try to give him a more whole type food every once in a while but for now he's still having gagging problems (even vomitted two days ago for some reason) so I'm not too concerned about it.

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