Monday, March 07, 2005

Update 3/7/05

I called the Dr. in the morning right away and was able to speak to a nurse. I asked her some questions and after talking a while told her I wasn’t sure his cough was any better. So she made an appointment at 4:15 for us and told me to call if it got worse. He actually got better throughout the day but I still felt I should bring him in. He was still wheezing a lot so even though I felt like he was getting better I figured I should still keep the appointment.

The Dr. listened to his lungs and said that he’s still having difficulty breathing but they are better. I am suppose to use the breathing machine less often and that he should be much better by the end of the week – yippee another week trapped in the house! hehe

We looked at Kian’s weight per my request and he’s back down to 15lbs. 15 ounces :( He was at 16lbs. 4 ounces on Friday when I brought him in. I have been feeding him things slowly and over giving him breaks so that the gag reflex doesn’t happen. The Dr.’s nurse said they gag when they are congested. Right now all he seems to want for sure is Yo-Baby…at least that has a lot of calories in it!

So, that’s the word around here for now. Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers! Kian certainly needs them and so do I lol!

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