Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Test Results, Real Food and Crappy Easter...

The Test Results Are…

ALL NEGATIVE! I have had this information for some time but haven’t had a chance to get it up in my blog. Jamie and I were pretty sure Kian was fine but we wanted to have those results to confirm it.

Crappy Easter :(

No, that is not a typo…it was pretty crappy. We went down to see my Aunt Lori, Uncle Dave, and cousin Maggie for the weekend. We decided to go down on Friday during Kian’s first nap – which is between 10:30 and 11AM. He decided not to nap at all during the 3 hour drive. We stopped right outside of Santa Barbara to give Kian a rest and feed him lunch (that’s about the half way mark). It was pretty nice – we found a place where we were up top a cliff that over looked the beach. We even saw a school of dolphins go by!

After we got to my Aunt’s I hoped Kian would nap…but he wouldn’t. I think that he was very over stimulated by his surroundings. All he wanted to do was look around…I didn’t realize until then that I usually have Kian in a low lit room when he naps and the room we were had a lot of light in it. I hoped that night Kian would sleep well. He did go down well but disaster started at about 1:30AM. My iPod decided to stop working and woke me up. Jamie came in to figure out what was wrong (he was playing a video game with Dave) and Kian woke up the second he came in. He wet through is overnite diaper in just 5 hours of sleep! When I changed it him it was like he had been in it for about 12 hours. I think he wasn’t relaxed all day with no sleep that it just all built up. I changed his PJ’s, his blankets and luckily I had a quilt he was used to over the sheet in the pack ‘n play so he would have a dry place to lay. I tried to get him back to sleep and once again he was over stimulated. I left the room and let him just work it out on his own…he usually does this at night and just plays quietly before he goes to sleep. An hour later Jamie and I came back up and the door woke him up…apparently he was not in a deep sleep. After he woke up that time he wanted to be up. I tried several times to get him to sleep…I tried rocking him, standing and swaying, bringing him to bed, but nothing was working. This kid was used to sleeping a total of 16 hours a day and he only had 5. Once 3:30AM rolled around Jamie and I thought it was a good idea if we left for home. We didn’t foresee things getting any better….he was just too over stimulated and didn’t have conditions that he was used to at all in his own room (there aren’t any blinds in the room we were in so it was fairly well lit at night as well as during the day). We were on the road by 4AM.

Needless to say, Saturday was pretty rough for us all. Kian didn’t nap but only a half hour the entire way home. I was shocked as about half of our drive was done in the dark. I guess he just continued with the over stimulation or curiosity of wanting to see what was going on outside. Jamie and I switched off throughout the day where one of us would nap and the other would care for Kian. I have to say I had memories of sitting in the ER when Jamie had his kidney stone as I was up all night for that too…at least now I had Jamie’s help with Kian.
I fed Kian when we got home after I let him crawl around for a bit and stretch his legs. Then he went down for a nap with pretty much no effort from me….minimal rocking. He only napped for a half hour to 45 mins. He was a crank throughout the day. He did take a second nap that I had to wake him from so he wouldn’t sleep too long. He slept about 2 and a half hours.

So, needless to day Kian’s first Easter was pretty much non-existent. I didn’t have any food to prepare for the holiday. We didn’t even have an Easter basket for Kian. We did get him gift though – the bunnies from the Guess How Much I Love You book that we read to him every night before bed. Also, my Mom sent him some things for him to play with that he loves :)

Anyway, Kian’s still a little off schedule, but doing a bit better. Right now I think he’s having some teething pain so he’s been a crank all day again.

Kian Ate Some Real Food!!!!!!

Yeah, it’s a miracle! I thought he would be 17 and I would have to feed him baby food (not really but it almost seemed that way! lol) He has seemed very interested in my food and I have thought about giving him some but hesitated. Sunday I was eating a corn puff snack called Pirates Booty. It has a cheese coating and it salty. I figured that it might encourage him to eat…not to mention it pretty much dissolves in his mouth. So, I gave him a bite and he just spit it out! That’s leaps above him vomiting it out lol! Soon he got it gooey enough to swallow! I gave him one more and Jamie asked me if I wanted to try to feed him some Gerber puffs. I bought some that are Sweet Potato flavored at the suggestion of my friend Samantha who said they dissolve easily (thanks Samantha!). So now Kian is eating some puffs before I feed him...I put him in his high chair and give him some while I get his food prepared. He will put one in his mouth and then keep his hand there because he spits it right back out! But he does put the puff back in and does this repeatedly until it's ate or falls out of his reach (there are a lot on his seat when I pick him up after the meal! hehe) I feel like this is such a HUGE step for Kian! Way to go big guy! Maybe you will be able to eat cake for your birthday after all! hehe

One more Tooth…for now!

Kian is cutting his fourth tooth (one of the top front ones). I think it just poked through today (3/28). He didn’t want me to leave his sight all day long so needless to say there was quite a bit of whining going on in our house which drives me crazy! lol We just kept giving him Tylenol and Oragel. Hopefully the worst is over…well that is until another set of teeth decide to make an appearance.

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