Monday, March 07, 2005

Kian's a little Trooper

Kian had a rough weekend (and so did Jamie and I). Kian still isn’t feeling well. The breathing treatments I have been giving him don’t seem to be working anymore and he has had a slight temperature (99.5) since Friday night. We also purchased a new humidifier that really works (the cheapo one we got at Walmart never really worked so we thought it was time to get a good one – I had a coupon too). I can tell that the room is humidified when I walk in his room. He also hasn’t been eating well. This morning he threw up his cereal while I was feeding it to him. He did eat a container of Yo-Baby Yogurt. For lunch he had 1 ½ jars of baby food. And dinner he threw up an entire jar of chicken and sweet potato (his favorite) after eating it and being very hungry. I got out more some yogurt and he ate a little of it…maybe a half container. He did take a sippy cup throughout the day with whole milk in it. But I have a feeling he has lost some weight – I just hope not too much.

Dr. Araya (the Dr. that works in Bravo’s office and is there on Fridays and other days to fill in) said that Kian should be much better within two days of taking the antibiotic. It has been two days now and he still has rattling in his chest and now won’t eat much. I will be calling Dr. Bravo’s office in the morning and hopefully I can get in – Monday’s are pretty busy and usually it’s hard to get someone on the phone.

Please keep Kian in your prayers. He’s been such a trooper. He takes his breathing treatments well. He doesn’t like sitting on my lap for that long of a period of time but he endures it. And from time to time we see the old, happy, loves to play Kian. At other times he just crashes and falls asleep with no aid at all (I usually have to swaddle him and rock him).

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