Friday, March 04, 2005

Kian is sick yet again :(

Kian has bronchitis or a bronchial infection :( I took him to see the Ped today because I thought he had an ear infection again. His ears are fine but he was wheezing and coughing all day long yesterday and today it was getting worse. He got a breathing treatment in the office which worked until we got home (I am going to call there as soon as they are back from lunch).

It's unreal how easily Kian gets sick. We can't leave him in the church nursery and I am afraid to even use the cry room as most parents that have kids that are sick and can't take them to the nursery come to the cry room! There are newborns in there (that rant is for another day! hehe) Anyway, people LOVE to touch Kian when we are in public which is hard to avoid but it does make we wonder if this is where he got it from. I guess since Kian isn't a normal kid and gets sick so easily and looses weight because of it I need to be checking with everyone to make sure no one even has a sniffle because it sets him back :( It's so frustrating because he was just getting on a good swing of gaining weight well.

From what the Dr. says, he should be better in a few days. I hope that’s a case. Please send your thoughts and prayers our way as we need them. Thanks!

Later on....
Now Kian needs breathing treatments at home! I called the Ped at about 1:30 and told them he was still wheezing and they didn't call back until about 4ish and told me to come and pick one of the nurses' up (she LOVES Kian and he loves her - she weighs him every week) because something was up with my insurance and I might not be able to get one until Saturday or Monday. I went to get it. They gave me a few of the meds for the treatments and then I get home and have a message from this guy who was called to get us the nebulizer that has been working like a crazy man trying to find a place that will take my insurance for the machine and what not. I called the Ped to find out if I needed to buy one anyway and they said yes and talked to them about the meds as we will have to pay full price for it because our insurance won't cover it (at least until our deductible is met). PHEW! I was on the phone for an hour and Kian was past due for a nap and whinning in my ear. But all was worked out - the script was called into the pharmacy (both a generic one and the one that we would pay full price for) and a nebulizer is on it's way to my door at any moment.

BAH! I have not had a shower today and barely ate anything at all (not like I don't have fat to burn though LOL) When DH comes home I will be having his "cooking" which is chinese take out and a big, fat glass of Bailey's! LOL What a day! lol

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