Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Little Landon :(

WARNING: Loss of a child is mentioned (not Kian btw)

I was debating if I should make this post or not, but I decided to anyway. Last week on one of my message boards for Mom’s who had babies in May 2004 someone posted about a mom in Louisville, KY whose baby was diagnosed with AML (Luekemia) in April. Little Landon lost his battle today – he was two and a half months older than Kian. Landon had been undergoing treatment while they looked for a bone marrow donor. Between rounds of chemotherapy, Landon slipped into a coma and the doctors told the mother that he would be dieing soon. She decided to stop treatment and take him home to be comfortable. For about a month this single mother cared for her son with no support from her family (her mother would lay guilt trips on her for her decision). Anyway, I was hoping that you all would join me in praying for Landon’s Mom or sending some positive thoughts her way. She could really use them. Landon died at about 7PM her time today. My heart breaks for this woman. Ever since I heard about little Landon she has been weighing heavily on my mind and in my prayers. I was hoping that Landon would hang on until tomorrow because today is his mother's birthday...oh the pain this mother is enduring. Here is their website if you would like to read more:

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Anonymous said...

Oh how sad =( Funny - I live in Louisville, but I hadn't heard about this story... although I avoid the news at all costs... too depressing (as proven by this event)! Anyway - Landon and his mommy will be in our prayers for sure!

Jamey =)