Friday, June 24, 2005

Update 5/24/05

You know you do a lot of updates when you have to start dating them to tell them apart!

Update on Kian’s health
Kian did much better today than he has been lately. He usually starts wheezing about 15 mins after he wakes up but today he didn’t start until about 10:30. I have him a treatment at 10:45. I am just hoping that his wheezing just gets better and better every day. I really want to stop putting this stuff in his body! But I certainly don’t want him back in the ER so for now we will do what is necessary and preventative.

Gym Kids

Wednesday we went to our second Gym Kids class. Gym Kids is a parent/child participation class where they have all sorts of things for the kids to climb on and experience. We also sing songs, count, dance, and play with a parachute. It’s so much fun! The first time we went, Kian was really clingy and unsure of the environment. It’s very colorful in the room and I think it was a little overwhelming for me at first too! But I encouraged Kian to do different activities and didn’t force him to do anything. I just gently encouraged and we had a great time.

The second class Kian started to really feel more comfortable being there – although he wasn’t feeling well from the meds that I had to give him before we left home. He was starting to interact with the kids more and want to do things and climb than cling to me like he did last time. I am so proud of him :) Especially because I know he didn’t feel very well.

Mom Flew Back to Wisconsin
Mom and I had a great visit. She was so helpful – she was more helpful that I can actually say! She played a lot with Kian and basically took care of him while I unpacked more of my boxes, got my desk area straightened up and did some organizing in our bedroom. She also helped me with our plants and gardening – I have never taken care of things like that before and I learned a lot from her. I seriously don’t know how I would have made it through the last two weeks without her. It was a real blessing to have her here.

The Godfather and long hours :(
The Godfather: The Game is now reaching its final stages of production so that means we see less and less of Jamie. It will all be over in the next few months. For now Jamie spends as much of his mornings as he can with Kian. And I figure out what to do flying solo for dinner most nights of the week. I am starting to get back into a groove of doing things pretty much on my own. I can’t wait for Jamie to be through with the game and move back over to the Sims team.

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Anonymous said...

Glad Kian is doing better! That's wonderful! You guys need to post some pictures of your new place on your website sometime, too! =) We want to see it!
Love, Michael and Jamey