Monday, June 27, 2005

Update 6/27/05 and PICTURES!

Kian’s Health
Kian is doing MUCH better. He stopped wheezing on Saturday. The Doctor told me that once he had a full day or not wheezing that I should do the Pulmicort (steroid) twice a day for a week. So we are now on that regimen.

Pictures FINALLY!
We finally have some new photos up on our site! Sorry about the delay in getting them up! I didn’t realize how long it had been!

I have also decided not to label them – it takes a long time to do that and that is what was stopping us up from actually posting them. So, in order to have them up and ready to go right away, we decided to skip that part :) What I will do is post a few in my blog and tell what is going on – some are pretty self explanatory.

Here is a link to the photos:

The photos labeled Grandad’s Visit are from when Rod (Jamie’s Dad) came out to visit us for a week. We all had a great time :)

are photos of our last Mom’s group in San Luis Obispo. Kian and I were the hosts and it was St. Patrick’s Day! Some of the photos show Kian and Danielle (Gina’s Daughter) kissing…how cute!

The first few photos in Sink Bath are me trying to show off Kian’s two bottom teeth that he had just cut (that seems like ages ago!) Then there photos of Kian giving me kisses. Photos of Kian in his St. Patrick’s Day outfit and then some of Kian having a sink bath after a major “explosion” that he had in his pants.

Eating Fries 1 has photos of Kian and Erik (Samantha’s Son) playing on one of their visits to our house :) And Eating Fries 2 is all photos of Kian’s first experience eating French fires which he really likes (although he doesn’t have often).

Kian’s Birthday 1 has pictures of Kian right before we moved from San Luis Obispo. There are some of Daddy getting Kian’s bath ready. And Kian having a GREAT time splashing in his bath :) You can see little water droplet floating through the air! At the end there is a photo of Kian with Dr. Bravo and one with him and his favorite nurse in the whole, wide world, Stacy. I sure miss them and I know that Kian does too! There seriously cannot be to Dr. Bravo’s in the world…although I wish there could be!

Kian’s Birthday 2
have some photos on moving day…Kian is about to be packed in a box! hehe Then there are photos of Kian on his birthday! We had several signs – the one that is in red my Aunt Lori had specially made for Kian and the other one I put together from a kit. Granna and Papaw (Jamie’s Mom and Step-dad) came to visit right on Kian’s birthday and stayed for about a week.

Kian’s Birthday 3-5 are photos of all of us at the Winchester Mystery Mansion in San Jose. The mansion was built 24/7 for about 30 years so it took about an hour for us to get through the place. The owner thought was an heir of the Winchester gun family and thought she was being haunted by the ghosts of people who were killed by Winchester guns. A psychic told her to build and house and keep building and that would keep them away. It was pretty neat.

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Anonymous said...

Cute pictures =) Kian is growing so fast - I love the ones of his little teeth - how cute!

Jamey =)