Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Kian’s 15 Month Check-up

Kian has his 15 months appointment today. He got two shots :( But he did great! He even stopped crying before we even left the office! The Dr. also told me that he was shocked that Kian wasn’t crying when he was looking in his ears and his mouth…I figure he’s like that because it happens at least once a month with the amount of Dr.’s visits we have had hehe
The great news is that he was weighted and measured (weight is a naked weight so it’s pretty accurate).

Weight: 20lbs 4 ounces (7th percentile) - up from the 3rd!
Height: 30 1/4 inches (15-20th percentile) - up from the 10th!


Kian is walking all the time now :) He’s a pretty busy guy! I have taken advice from friends that say to not let your child out of the cart or they will not want to sit in it when you shop...basically he doesn’t realize that he can walk in the store if I let him lol I also did that at the Dr.’s office today because I didn’t want him to throw a fit when I had to bring him back to the room and I knew he would want to touch everything in there anyway lol
He's also moved on from Baby food completely! LOL Of course about 2 weeks ago I bought a TON because I had coupons and it was on sale :P I am going to try to return it since I still have the receipt. If they won’t take it back I hope to at least get something for it on ebay or something!

Allergy Testing

I requested a referral from our Ped to have Kian seen by an allergist. The ped didn’t say much about the referral…just that he would give us one… I was so afraid he would say no because he told us in a visit about two weeks ago that we can’t do anything about allergies and that it would be a waste of our time. But for me, I am starting to get afraid of giving Kian fish, strawberries, eggs or anything that is considered a high allergy food. Not to mention, he’s been sneezing more than usual lately and I am wondering if he’s allergic to dust, pollen or something like that so I can watch those things and know that he’s not getting sick he’s just having a reaction that I need to watch incase it turns to wheezing.

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