Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Events of the Past Few Weeks

Kidney Stone
Well, first thing is a few weeks ago Jamie passed another small kidney stone. He wasn’t in as much pain as the last time but it was very painful. Thankfully he passed very quickly! He brought it in to the our Dr.;s office for testing and we get results on it in a few weeks.

Allie the Outdoor Cat (well, now she’s doing it part time)
Second thing is that Allie (our cat) has bit Kian. She did this a few weekends ago…she bit him on the hand and then on the head the next day….both times she left marks. She didn’t do this to be viscous…she was protecting herself from Kian who was pulling on her tail…the thing is that when Toby gets annoyed he leaves the gated area…when Allie gets annoyed she stays for more action!

After the last bite, she was locked up in Kian’s bathroom (where her food is) for the day until we could find a new home for her. Unfortunately its kitten season so no shelter would take her (well no no-kill shelters anyway). We were told by one of the shelters that with her history they the pound would put her to sleep. They also offered other suggestion of what to do with her and the best thing for all of us was to put her in our fenced in patio during the day. Our patio has 6 ft high fences that are totally made out of wood…no way for her to get out or in besides through the house.

For the last two weeks she has been out there and she loves it. In the morning before I get Kian out of his crib I open the door to outside and she actually just walks out there on her own. She has a little litter box, food, water and even a little shelter we bought her and put an old blanket in.

Kian’s Allergy Tests

Kian’s testing went fine today. They did not do a skin test because I guess he’s too young. We were prescribed Epi-Pen which is a shot I give him if he is having an allergic reaction. After I administer it I have to call 911…pretty scary. Anyway, I am glad that we will have it now.

They are doing a blood test on him for all different allergens. Let me tell you that the blood draw was no picnic especially because they couldn’t find the vein and searched for what seemed eternity before trying the other arm. I felt so terrible! Although I think I am more traumatized by it all than Kian was. He’s fine and I still thinking about it lol

We have an appointment on September 19th for the results. I am PRAYING he is not allergic to the dog or cat because if he is it could be the reason why he is wheezing when he gets sick :( The Dr. told me that we might want to start considering what we would do with our animals if that is the case. I guess we will find out more answers on the 19th.

Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. Please continue them as we wait for the testing to come back.

Phew! I guess that’s it for now! I seriously hope that our next few weeks are pretty uneventful…. I know we could all use it!

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