Thursday, August 25, 2005

Kian's bed time stuggles

For about 2-3 weeks Kian would play, talk....whatever at night for 2 hours after he went to bed....YES TWO HOURS! It was driving me mad! I was checking in on him to make sure he didn't poop and then sometimes he would scream becuase he threw all his binkies and blanket over the side. He can't sleep without the both of them.

I tried all different things....more soothing environment when I put him to sleep...whispering to him while I get him dressed.... That didn't work.... Then I tried putting him to bed later because I thought he wasn't tired yet....that didn't work! Finally I brought out a basket of board books and cheap little regular books...he loves to look at books and I usually set these aside so he won't wreck them.

I bring out the basket about a half hour before he goes to bed. My plan was to read to him the entire time but he won't last more than a I read him a story and then he unloads and looks at all the books! It worked like a charm (that along with the calming environment stuff) and he falls asleep right away now! I might just hear him a little bit but nothing more than 10 mins! I am so glad because I know he was really wearing himself out!

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