Thursday, August 11, 2005

"Meh-meh," Toby and more teeth!

“Meh-meh” and other words

That word might not sound like much to you…but it’s actually what Kian calls Jamie (meh-meh) LOL Kian is actually calling “Daddy” by his first name! Since I noticed that he was doing that this weekend I have been trying really hard to call Jamie “Daddy” when Jamie is around. He does say Da-da and on Monday was looking for him and calling “da-da” so I will take that as a good sign hehe

Kian is learning more and more words every day. I bought him a play phone and he will put it up to his ear and say hello which sounds more like “eh-o.” He will also put a measuring spoon or any other object to his ear (well, the back of his head lol) and say “eh-o” hehe And the yesterday as he was eating he tooted and I said to him, “say excuse me” and he said something like “mu-meh” and is trying really hard to say it lol He’s so cute :)

Kian’s Favorite Past time but not Toby’s lol

Kian LOVES to push his little tricycle and hippo that eats peek-a-boo blocks around. This week we started to figure out that if he runs toward Toby with it he will get up and jump out of the way in a hurry (believe me, I would too! I have been run over by those things before lol). So, now Kian likes to chase Toby around the house with these toys and giggles and giggles about it. Toby actually likes it (most of the time) too…Toby is so good with Kian and I know that they both enjoy having each other as playmates. I knew that Toby and Kian would be “friends” someday but I didn’t realize it would start this soon! Hehe

We have another tooth!

Kian I think started to cut another tooth last night! It’s one of the four front bottom teeth. He got the other in the pair several weeks ago and just today I saw the fourth one poking through. Kian woke up a few times last night (but quickly put himself back to sleep) and I thought that maybe his arm was bothering him from his shots….but now I am pretty sure that tooth was involved. He also has two of his one year molars in on his left side (one on bottom and one on top)…those are NO fun for anyone when they come in lol

After this tooth pokes through Kian will have 8 teeth and many more to go lol

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