Thursday, August 11, 2005

New Photos 8/11/2005!

Yes, I know we are once again long over due for posting photos and videos lol

Here a link to the photos:

I have no listed under the photos what they are (takes a lot of extra time) so I am posting here what is on each page of photos.

Kian Walking 1 –

Photos of Kian eating Mac and Cheese for the first time! He eats it all the times now! And there are photos of when Kian’s Great Uncle Joe was in San Francisco before he went on his bike trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles as a fundraiser for a cure for AIDS! We were so glad to meet up with him for a short visit :) The photos of our visit with my Uncle Joe are continued on page 2.

Kian Walking 2 -

Visit with Great Uncle Joe continued
Movie is of our visit with my Uncle Joe
Kian pushing around his tricycle (that he likes to run Toby over with lol)
Movie is of Kian pushing around his bike with a little help from my Mom
Kian playing with the magnets on the fridge
Our visit to the Golden Gate Bridge
Kian being silly hehe

Kian Walking 3 –

Kian with my Mom
Kian pushing around his “car” which is the laundry basket
Movie is of Kian pushing his “car” and steering around objects
Kian in his “car” hehe
Kian wearing the cute frog outfit that Aunt TyTy got him

Kian Walking 4

Kian’s frog outfit continued – and he found the empty catsup bottle lol
Kian eating with Mommy
Movie is Kian in his high chair doing more talking than eating lol
Kian’s first time in his pool
Movie is of Kian in his pool
My friend Martina and her boyfriend Paul on the 4th of July

Kian Walking 5
Kian on the 4th of July
Kian in his “EA Baby” shirt…but he kept blinking when I was trying to take the photo!
Kian eating lunch and being cute

Kian Walking 6
Kian eating lunch continued
Movies are of Kian eating lunch with two hands…he eats like he’s never had food before! The other movie is of Kian being silly at a different meal time
Kian starting to walk!
Kian being a busy guy playing in the kitchen and the living room
Three short videos of Kian playing - one where I tried to get him walking and the other one is another attempt but he was more interested in the camera than in walking hehe

Kian Walking 7

Another movie of Kian playing
Kian in his first U2 t-shirt that Mommy bought him hehe
Kian eating lunch…what a messy guy! Notice his eyebrow is full of food hehe

Kian Walking 8
Messy lunch continued
Movie of Kian having the hiccups from giggling about this messy meal hehe

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