Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Friends and Thanksgiving :)

We had a wonderful visit with my friend Jen and her three little boys. Kian did amazingly well sharing his toys. Since we don’t have many little ones visiting our house, I wondered if he might have issues with sharing. At times he did but in general he was into the sharing deal :)

Thursday her and her husband traveled back to Phoenix. It was about a 12 hour drive – although I wish it were only 12 minutes! Everyone seemed to have a really good time. I know I enjoyed the company a lot!

Being an introvert, I was kind of tired when they left (getting energy from spending time alone). Physically tired but emotionally rejuvenated. We really need to try to meet up again in 2007 for sure!

We Have a Place to Go for Thanksgiving!

I thought this Thanksgiving would be the first that we spent alone. I was geared up for it and mentally had planned a menu of Thanksgiving foods but on a smaller scale (thanks to some brainstorming I did with my mom!)

Well, last week Jamie’s cousin Martin called and invited us to have Thanksgiving with him and some friends! It will be about a 6 hour trip north – not including stops. This will be the first time we made a trip like this with Kian so we are geared up for many stops and have a TripTik printed off from the AAA website to help us in planning those stops. We have also geared up with some new DVDs for Kian to enjoy on the trip along with a new book so hopefully those things will keep him occupied for the most part. We will also have Toby in tow as well! So it will be a family affair with furbies and all lol We are really looking forward to it leaving tomorrow morning!

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