Monday, November 06, 2006

Update on Kian

We just got back from seeing Kian’s Ped. He is fine. Has a bit of fluid in one of his ears but we are to continue his antibiotic until it’s gone. He had the beginnings of an ear infection about a month ago and I am pretty sure it was in the same ear.

We were told by Urgent Care more than once that Kian needed to see his doctor on Monday or Tuesday. So that’s why I made the appointment. But I was asked at least three times if he was still sick – it seemed to me like the lady was wondering why the heck we were there if he wasn’t still sick. I figure I’m paying to come in here to make sure he’s rechecked out because I didn’t really trust that yahoo in the UC that looked at him (he said that Kian’s vomit was spit up…2 ½ year olds don’t spit up anymore and when he looked in Kian’s ear he looked at it like 2 feet from his head like the guy needed bifocals or something…so I just wanted to make sure he was ok).

So, as I am sitting in the waiting room I finally get a chance to look over the paperwork that Urgent Care gave us. It says that we didn’t have to see Kian’s Ped unless his symptoms continued! Huh? No wonder why they lady berated me about coming in :(

The doctor we saw was not Kian’s normal one…just the one that sees sick kids for the day. She was nice and answered all my questions.

Before we ended the visit I asked her if she could sign a form for our electric company for having Kian’s HEPA purifier running in his room 24 hours a day 7 days a week (the form gives us a discount on our electricity since it’s a medical need for him to have it). Of course I didn’t look at the form before I gave it to her so I fumbled over the paper work. She asked me a million questions and seemed like she wasn’t going to sign it at all! It’s just a form for his HEPA thing…it’s not like I’m making it up! I think she talked to me for about 5 minutes asking me why we didn’t get rid of our pets, telling me he needs a physical, telling me we need his medical records (which they have), asking if he’s been hospitalized for his asthma….this went on for at least 5 minutes! After giving her answers for everything, pointing out that she has all his past medical records, explaining that he has been in the ER for an asthma attack…she signed the darn thing! Before she left the room I wanted to make sure I was clear that I needed to set up an appointment for a physical (since she asked 4 times I was sure she wanted him to have one but I wanted to ask HER this time). She asked if he had his two year visit yet. I said yes he did, in May….she said “well, your insurance won’t pay for it until next year so you can do it then” HUH?

So now I feel like the village idiot at our Ped’s office. Although we were doing what we were told to do. If any lesson is learned here, it’s to read paperwork! GRR! This weekend was not a fun one and it was rather busy…but still I should have made time to look all this junk over. It might have saved me the humiliation.

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