Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Sick Kian :(

Yesterday was our first trip to the ER for the year. Kian spiked a high fever suddenly when we were on our way to go shopping yesterday. He was really clingy and moaned and whined a lot…which is so not like him. He wouldn’t drink or eat anything either which was concerning to me since I was afraid he might be getting dehydrated.

I finally was able to get him to lay down in his crib and he took a nap. We weren’t able to get the fever down with Tylenol and after his nap he felt very hot still. I had heard that alternating Tylenol with Motrin can help reduce a high fever. So I gave him some Motrin and Jamie and I headed to the Urgent Care center…it’s closer than the ER.

On the way over to Urgent Care he drank an entire sippy cup of diluted juice. Once we got there he started acting a bit more normal and of course by the time he was assessed his fever was gone. On the way back to see the doctor I discover that Kian had vomited on his blanket while he was sleeping…it was dry but I know it wasn’t there before. I notified the doctor of it and he wrote it off as spit up…last time I checked a 2 ½ year old doesn’t spit up anymore! But he did discover that Kian had fluid in his ears and had the beginnings of an ear infection. So, we went home with a script for antibiotics. At least we are tackling the ear infection and since we need to see our Ped on Monday I feel much better....especially because I really trust our Ped.

When we came home he ate a late lunch – early dinner and drank a little bit more. About an hour or two later he didn’t seem to be himself again. His fever was returning. Right before bed I could give him more Motrin so I did that. We also gave him a cool bath…which he did not like but we felt it was best with his fever to do that. He went to sleep quickly and we checked on him every half hour to an hour to make sure his fever wasn’t rising. I even got up at 2AM, when he would need more meds, and made sure he was feeling ok. His head felt fine.

This morning Kian woke up crying. He didn’t feel warm but it was apparent he didn’t feel well either. He didn’t want me to let go of him at all. He didn’t want to go downstairs or do anything that he normally does. After rocking with him a bit I was able to tell him that we would go downstairs and I carried him down. He saw his milk and ran over to drink it. I thought he was ok. Jamie went out to get the paper and I got Kian’s antibiotic ready. When I started to give him his meds, he screamed…this is not even close to normal for him as he’s a great medicine taker and these meds taste more like candy than anything. I asked Jamie to help me when he got back inside and Kian started to vomit (sorry for the TMI!). Luckily it ended up on clothes and was easy to clean up.

Jamie and I got a quick bath ready for Kian and we both changed. After getting Kian calmed down we gave him some saltines. At first he didn’t want them but when I showed him they were squares he was very interested hehe I knew that they would help to calm is tummy down. He ate a few crackers and had some more diluted juice. Since then he has been very much like himself. He only wants to eat those square crackers though. But I figure that when I am sick only certain things sound good to me. So, he’s had about half a package of saltines this morning (which about ¼ has been shared with Toby).

I’m just hoping that it’s only up hill from here! I will try to update again when I have some news. Hopefully it’s only good news from here on out!

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