Friday, November 10, 2006

Kian update and Special Visitors!

Kian is doing much, much better. I think he had some sort of 24 hour virus or something last weekend. He’s definitely back to himself!

Wednesday was our last day of our class (Terrific Two’s) until January. Since Saturday is Veteran’s Day, the teacher brought in flags and played a marching song for us to march around the room and have the kids wave their flags. She allowed the kids to bring home the flags if they wanted – Kian has had the greatest time dancing around and playing with his flag! Isn’t it funny how they love to play with the simplest things even though they have a toy box full of toys.

On a different note, we are gearing up for some special visitors this weekend! When I was pregnant I started posting on a message board for mom’s who were due in May 2004. That group has stayed together and I have made some good friends. Well, one of the mom’s is coming to our area! Her husband has some business in the Bay Area and he is going to drop off his family (her and their three boys) so we can spend the next 5 days together! I am so very excited to finally meet my friend, Jen, in person and for Kian to have a playmate :) We have plans to go to the zoo and take them to EA for a tour. Jen has two older boys and one is very into video games so I figured this would be a very neat thing for her guys to do :)

Speaking of visitors, I have been trying to straighten and clean our house since it’s been neglected a bit due to a sick kid and lack of motivation. I am so looking forward to having some good conversation over a few cups of coffee every day next week :)

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