Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A little update...

Our Halloween :(

Well, unfortunately Kian didn’t have much of a Halloween. At least he has no idea what’s really happening so it wasn’t that big of a deal, but I still feel bad! Kian started coughing and had a BAD stuffy nose on Monday. It got worst on Tuesday so I didn’t think the cold night air would be good for his immune system or his asthma so we stayed in. We had a few trick or treaters. Kian’s going through a bit of a shy stage so he wasn’t too much into it. I would tell him “Snow White” was at the door or a “duck” and he would come out and check it out. I really look forward to next year when he can pick out what he wants to be and we can take him around the neighborhood. :)

Blue’s Clues

For the last few weeks Blue’s Clues has been sidelined among Kian’s requests to watch different kid’s shows. Today he requested to watch Blue’s Clues after seeing the beginning at the very end of a Tivoed Go Diego Go! show. I have been a bit worried since Santa told me he bought him some Blue’s Clues things and my mom bought him something Blue too – at least Blue is still loved in our house :)

Toys R Us Catalog

It’s a ritual in our house to dig out coupons and ads in Sunday’s newspaper. This Sunday brought the Toys R Us catalog. I paged through and I think Jamie did too. I left it on the table along with some other ads. Kian saw that the cover had something with Diego on it and started to talk to me about it. I think he sat down for about an hour (yes, my son sat down for an hour and he wasn’t strapped into a carseat AND he didn’t complain!) and looked at the catalog pointing out Elmo, Dora, Diego, cars…you name it. Every day since then he has sat at the dining table next to me and looked through this catalog. I know he’s only two, but man I have a feeling he’s going to have a list as tall as me of toys he wants! But at least he’s enjoying such a simple thing! Of course it has to be the virtually free things he enjoys the most hehe

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