Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All About Me

Kian's preschool is assembling a book of each child in the class - what they are interested in and their likes. It also includes a photo the teachers have taken of each child. Here is what Kian's page looked like (some answers I had to help him with).

What is your full name?: Kian (K-I-A-N - this is what he ALWAYS spells his name after he says it lol) obviously I put Kian Jameson D......

Where were you born and when?: Canada (what? I have no idea where he got this!) Correct answer is San Luis Obispo, CA and May 8th

What is your favorite color?: red and purple (that was today's answer - yesterday it was green and pink)

What is your favorite food?: Carrots and yogurt (obviously not together lol)

What did you do this summer?: Discovery Kingdom, soccer, tae kwon do

What are three things you want to tell us about you?:
I have a cat named Allie.
Toby is in dog heaven. (he still talks about Toby at least several times a week).
I like to play outside with my friends.

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