Friday, September 12, 2008


Phew! Talk about a busy week! I am so very thankful that it is Friday and our whole family will be together this weekend.

Kian really enjoyed going to school this week :) In fact, I picked him up on Wednesday and he asked me if we could come back tomorrow! lol! Last year he wouldn't say much about what he did during the day at school - this year he has told me what they have done (and I also kind of know because they teacher writes a brief description of the days events and posts it outside the door) so I can kind of help him find words for some things he is telling me about.

Kian also started speech with a new therapist this week. He is now going twice a week and really has excelled from where he was the last time we were going. He's also enjoying going - he gets to play games as he says words so it's fun! And the therapist is very encouraging and works with him well.

Kian has been pretty beat though this week. He dropped his naps last year some time and now we are returning to them. Our summer schedule was very lax compared to what he's doing now so I can see why his brain would need a rest.

We are all excited about our little man doing so well :)

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