Saturday, September 06, 2008

Our Encounter with a Dolphin!

Today we went to Discovery Kingdom (an amusement park and zoo in one). We checked into something we had never really looked into before - which was the dolphin experience. Usually the park has many more people attending and the "experience" is sold out. This time we were quick enough to get there in time :)

Each group (family) was set up with a trainer and a dolphin - ours was named Bella :) We were able to feed her, touch her and have her to a trick...then we got some super cool photos! Here are the few that we bought :)

I really hope that Kian remembers this for the rest of his life! It was such a unique experience! Kian was even wanting to tell the dolphin to do the tricks the trainer was teaching either me or Jamie to do lol He was pretty excited about that!

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