Monday, September 29, 2008


This morning Kian was looking at a flyer for Toys R Us and saw the Halloween costumes. He told me he wanted to Lego Indiana Jones (it's just Indiana Jones, but he has played Lego Indiana Jones with Jamie) so I searched and wasn't able to find a costume that would fit him. So I told him that and he said he wanted to be Lego Batman (Jamie and Kian just started playing the game this weekend). He was adament about wanting to be Thomas again this year, even after I brought him downt he costume isle and dshowed him what he could be....but now he's changed his mind lol I even asked him if he wanted to be Batman and not Thomas and he said I halted packing to track down a costume that will fit him...and we found one lol He's so darn cute in it! And he's pretty excited about it too lol I also made sure he knew that he could not change his mind now on what he wanted to be ;) Batman is it!

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