Friday, September 19, 2008

Sweet Allie Kitty

Allie has never quite recovered from when she got sick after Toby died. She had liver issues back then. We nursed her back to health and we thought her yellow color was gone. She has been eating and drinking on her own. But she has been very tired and has lost a lot of weight. She normally would spend the day sleeping on our bed, but she hasn't been upstairs in months. She also liked to make me - yes make me lol - pet her before i went to bed - we would have to actually kick her out of the room so we could shut the door and go to sleep...I honestly can't remember the last time she did that. So we decided she needed a visit to the vet to see if we could do anything for her...I was hoping it was her thyroid or something easy that could be solved with medication.

Unforunately I left with bad news. Her yellowness had gone away mostely but it was still there. I didn't notice it until the Vet Tech showed it to me. The vet said that because of the feline AIDS she has, it most likely has compromised her system and caused her body not to fully recover. He said that she is just hanging on right now.

So tomorrow, we will say our final goodbyes. Kian knows that Allie is going to heaven to be with Toby. He seemed to take the news ok, but he did the same with Toby and took things a bit harder after he was gone. Honestly, the hardest part of it all is watching my little man having to say goodbye to yet another part of our family less than three months apart from each other. I know he will find comfort in Allie finding Toby in heaven.

Here are some photos of Allie from the good times. The last one is of Toby and Allie laying together. Allie loved Toby most out of all of us in our family lol Now they can be together again.

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