Thursday, September 25, 2008

Moving right along....footloose and fancy free.....

Ok, ok, maybe we aren't footloose and fancy free but we are certainly excited about the move!

Boxes arrive today for packing to begin. We have already started getting rid of some things that we don't use thanks to EABay.

I started research on Preschools in Champaign the moment we knew we were probably going to move there. The first website I visited that I was impressed with was through a Baptist Church. I was hoping there would be a place for Kian since school would have started before we knew for sure we could sign Kian up. I called them yesterday to talk to them about their food allergy policies and see if they had any openings. They had a few spots in Kian's age group available AND one of them happened to have a child with a nut allergy! (not a nice thing, but exciting that the classroom is already set up to be nut free!). This place must have been saved for Kian because we wanted him to attend in the afternoon and decided on the 5 day program....that just HAPPENS to be the same class that the child with the nut allergy is in! WOOT!

I also made a countdown chart for Kian to be able to count down the number of "sleeps" until we move. He's been very concerned about his toys coming with us and has mentioned certain toys he wants to bring with us. I also researched some books at the library and we have three right now that are all about moving. So far we have read one and it was so good - i am hoping Kian will want to read it again because it really goes through the moving process well.

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Adrianne said...

Hey Sarah!

It's Adrianne from the Only Child board. I enjoyed seeing the picture & reading your blog!

You're the 2nd iV member I know who's making the move from CA to IL! The other is the CL of the 10-14-year-old board; they moved 4 months ago. The co-CL there moved from IL to CA several years ago.

I'm praying for a safe move for your little family!