Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ants and.......

MICE (insert puking sounds here!) YUCK!

So, I have known we have had a bit of an ant problem for a while. When we first moved in they infilltrated Toby's food (which was outside at the time) and I found some in our pantry area of our house. Well, the rainy season is now starting around here. Rain = Ants when you live in California. If you have ever lived here, you will have ants at least once a's just inevitable. Jamie felt we could solve our problem with some ant traps. I knew it would be fruitless but I was willing to spend $5 instead of $105 and having a bug guy come out.

Last night we bought a new food container for Toby's food and filled it up with a brand new 35lb bag. This morning I went to the pantry to get some things right away in the morning and notice a HUGE infilltration of ants all over our recycle bin and Toby's food. I showed it to Jamie and told him we really needed to call a bug guy. He luckily still had the card from the guy that did the inspection on our place before we bought it so we called them. AND boy, and I am glad we did!

The bug guy showed up and looked all around and suggested different types of service...we are now on a bi-monthly plan and it's a darn good thing because he discovered that our hotwater heater closet (which is located right off the back paito) has rats or mice.... YES I have the eebie-geebies thinking of mice/rats running through my house!!! In fact, while he was spraying outside and cleaning off cob webs from the house - I heard a click....we caught a mouse within 5 mins of him setting those traps!

Our house does butt up against a big open field so mice are something I kind of expected to be around...BUT NOT IN MY HOUSE bleck! He showed me areas of the house that we need to make sure are closed up - areas where they rodents are slipping in. Apparently they can get in anywhere that is the size of a quarter!

Hopefully our pests of all shapes and sizes will be gone quickly. Right now I am a bit grossed out.

But boy am I glad we called them! It was worth it!

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