Monday, October 09, 2006

Kian's First Wedding!

Saturday was Kian’s first Wedding! Our friends Steve and Lisa tied the knot on Saturday a beautiful golf course/country club in Gilroy. Jamie stood up as one of Steve’s groom’s men. Kian and I faired pretty well! Especially considering he had no nap and was going from about 1:30 until 9:30 (drive time included). I of course had my bag of “tricks” with me filled with snacks, a small truck and some Color Wonder books and markers. We also got to sit at the head table where Kian almost started the clinking of glasses by tapping his spoon on his macaroni and cheese bowl. He normally has plastic dishes at home so I guess it made a neat sound lol Kian had a great time dancing too! We didn’t hang around long for that though. Our car ride was about an hour and a half long. Thank GOD for our DVD player and Blue’s Clues. By the time Steve and Lisa cut their cake, Kian was saying “bah-bye” – basically asking to leave. Luckily we drove separately so Jamie could hang around longer.

All three of us were beat on Sunday and just took it easy. We did make a short trip to Target where Kian had a melt down…that was so unlike him :( He usually can get interested in something else easily or he just whines – rarely does he cry. Jamie and I figured that his well over due bedtime combined with a fairly early wake up on his part (I did let him sleep as long as he needed) AND that the fact that the poor guy has an ear infection just compounded into one. Heck, I was even cranky yesterday myself lol! I just didn’t burst into tears in the middle of Target ;) Things are back to normal today though. Kian seems more like himself although I am still dog tired!

Speaking of Dogs…

Toby still has a “cone” head. He has become used to it being there and a lot of times accommodates for his head being about 4 times larger all around then usual. He doesn’t seem bothered by it at all unless he has an itch under the cone…I usually help him with that.

He has started pretty much not caring if he barrels head first into anything. The cone now is pretty dented up. Before Toby was moving at a slower speed and if he ran into anything he would just stop – we would have to coax him through things lol Now he just barrels right past stuff…let me tell ya my legs will be thankful to have that thing off of him at the end of this week! His wounds look great and I think his stitches are very ready to come out (but what do I know LOL).

I think the first thing Toby will do when he gets that cone off is rub his paws all over his head and then enjoy chewing on his cow bone – all he’s been able to do all week is just hold it in his mouth.

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