Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kian's Vist to his New Pediatrician

So today Kian and I met his new Ped. I REALLY REALLY LIKE HER! She's a no-nonsense kinda gal, which I like! She’s also very informative. The office is fairly big with a lot of Dr.s but we got in right away (I wasn’t even able to finish our new patient paperwork until AFTER the visit!). The staff there is very kid oriented – it really gave me flash backs of what Dr. Bravo and his staff is like. And of course our beloved Dr. Bravo will always be the comparison for whatever Ped we have for Kian :)

Kian wasn't sick (that I knew of). We were going to get his prescriptions for all his breathing meds and fluoride stuff redone (there is no fluoride in the water here!) as well as him getting his flu shot. She suggested that he get it toward the end of October since they are only good for 4 months (I had no idea!)

She checked him all out and discovered he had an ear infection! We honestly had no idea!!! We were all sick a few weeks ago and I am wondering if it was from that. Kian also has been sleeping a lot lately – I figured it was maybe a growth spurt or something but now I think it might be this infection.

We left the office armed with scripts for our pharmacy to have one file and one for an antibiotic for his ear…poor guy :(

As for the flu shot, he is scheduled to get it at the end of October. Kian is in a high risk category - first of all he's under the age of 5 (which is considered high risk) and second of all he's an asthmatic which puts him in the must have category. He’s had the shot every winter since his birth.

The pediatrician told me that their office is only giving them to kids that have health issues (like asthma). They aren't even doing any kids unless they are under three - not even up to five because of companies buying up the vaccine that sell them to drugs stores and other places for people WHO REALLY DONT NEED the shot!!! GRRRRRRRR! It ticks me off to the nth degree that people who don't have a risk of DIEING are getting the flu shot and those who are labeled in the high risk category have to be evaluated just how high risk they are. At Costco, Walmart, Safeway...all these blasted places have the vaccine but yet my Peds office is in short supply.

This is not only sick but it’s wrong in so many ways :( Sad...very, very sad....

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