Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kian has a new love in his life


Kian has been asking to watch her show a lot. He has even learned to say "Blue" and "Yellow" in spanish and he says "Oh Man!" a lot which is also from the show.

Last week all he asked to watch was Dora or what sounds like "War-ah". Unfortunately we only have three episodes recorded - Dora is on at the same time as the Rachael Ray Show and unfortunately Rachael comes before Dora (well at least according to Mommy!) Needless to say, I was sick of hearing about Rojo the Firetruck and watching Diego (Dora's cousin) help her take pictures of animals.

Luckily this weekend Blue's Clues was back in rotation hehe

But Kian sure does love Dora. He even recognizes her toys when we are out and about. Today we went to buy him a winter coat and there were Dora toys around...of course when I told him we had to say goodbye to them he had to say goodbye to ALL the characters on Dora lol He's such a little nut :)

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